Wealth managers. Dedicated entrepreneurs.

Marcuard Heritage is a wealth management company with a team of over 60 experts.

What we think.

Don’t feel your age? You’re not alone. Older adults routinely report feeling 10 to 20 years younger than they actually are. Healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine are letting people over 50 be more active than ever. Here’s why we’re tapping into that energy to boost our business.

A rebrand retrospective

It’s been just under a year since our brand refresh went live – introducing a new logo and look that better reflects our approach and conveys our values. A recent survey of employees and business partners has confirmed: a brand strategy is an effective way to enhance your company’s image and engage your people.


We’ve assembled a team of over 60 wealth and financial management specialists across four locations to combine personalized service with specialized market expertise.

Our values

From the very beginning, we have been guided by a set of core principles that still shape our company today.

Our awards

What we value and how we serve our clients is what makes us stand out, but we’re certainly proud when our approach is recognized by others.

Our commitment

At Marcuard Heritage, we are not only committed to our clients, we are also dedicated to our communities. That’s why we, both as a company and as individuals, support non-profit organizations dedicated to local social.

Protect what’s yours. Generation to generation.

Protecting your wealth is more complicated than ever. We help you navigate changing regulatory environments and unpredictable markets.

One advisor. One point of contact.

Whether you wish to delegate your investment decisions or play a more active role, we offer a best-in-class investment strategy and bespoke advisory services to meet your individual needs. And of course, we can assist you with private office services upon request and based on your individual needs.

Our people. Our partners. Our best investment.

Investing in expertise and entrepreneurialism helps our people take their client relationships to the next level.