Are you a senior relationship manager with your own book of clients seeking a long-term professional home built on solid principles? Do you crave independence and a business model that drives you to excel? Then you just might want to keep reading.

Quality of life isn’t just a goal. It’s a core value. At Marcuard Heritage, we bring together highly talented professionals and provide the tools they need to succeed. This culture did not come by coincidence. We’ve invested in expertise and entrepreneurialism to help our relationship managers take their service to the next level.

Here are four reasons – and more! – why Marcuard Heritage, a privately owned, independent, and FINMA-licensed portfolio manager, might be the right fit for you.

A platform for independence and entrepreneurialism that respects the primacy of client relationships.

Four reasons to join Marcuard Heritage

  1. An entrepreneurial spirit
    At Marcuard Heritage, we are a team of entrepreneurs rather than employees. We work together to provide solutions and sound advice while respecting each other’s client relationships. Our straightforward gross revenue-sharing model drives us to perform at our best and in our clients’ best interests. As a result, talented relationship managers with integrity and initiative have found a professional home for entire careers. Additionally, our model offers a place to secure smooth succession planning for you and your clients.


  1. A personal, client-centric approach
    We understand that client relationships matter most – and that acting in the client’s best interest makes the difference. That’s why we provide a platform for independence and entrepreneurialism that respects the primacy of client relationships and ensures you retain ownership. Our approach is personal and holistic. We live and work close to our clients, so we understand their culture and language. As trusted advisors, each relationship manager is their clients’ one point of contact, managing their clients’ wealth and preparing it for the next generation. This level of service simplifies our clients’ lives and provides continuity and peace of mind.


  1. Early adopters
    At Marcuard Heritage, we believe we gain an advantage if we move fast. That’s why we’re quick to adopt regulatory changes. For example, we were amongst the first portfolio managers licensed by FINMA in 2021. And people noticed. This approach has helped us stay one step ahead of competitors. By embracing change, we seize opportunities and remain on the cutting edge of the industry.


  1. The tools you need to succeed
    We bring together highly talented professionals and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. It’s been our winning strategy from the very beginning. We have an interdisciplinary team of in-house experts, offering a complete range of investment, compliance, risk, and IT solutions. Additionally, we maintain close collaborations with select partners, which gives us and our clients unfettered access to best-in-class products and highly specialized expertise. And because flexibility is a critical factor for success, our digital tools and technology allow relationship managers to work from anywhere, anytime.


Your success could start now.


The ideal portfolio for our clients and the perfect package for our people

Protecting wealth is more complicated than ever. Our independence allows us to sift through the complexity and structure and actively manage our clients’ assets, regardless of location. We offer a clear approach to wealth management and a comprehensive range of investment and wealth planning solutions.

  • Wealth management
    We leverage our independence and expertise to provide investment, wealth planning, and private office solutions to clients with complex financial needs.
  • Investment management
    Whether our clients wish to delegate their investment decisions or play a more active role, we offer a best-in-class investment strategy and bespoke advisory services to meet their individual needs.
  • Wealth planning
    A lasting legacy takes sound planning. That’s why we design our solutions to structure wealth, manage assets, prepare for succession, and ultimately provide peace of mind.
  • Private office
    Sometimes personal plans and projects create an unwanted burden. Therefore, we assist with private office services upon request and based on individual needs.


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We’re always on the lookout for senior private bankers with sound knowledge of Swiss private banking, wealth management/structuring, and compliance. We prefer experts who offer portfolio management for any client type and are fluent in one of our target markets. However, a solid client/prospect pipeline with significant assets under management outside our markets (but with regulations allowing for cross-border financial services rendered from Switzerland) is also of interest.

Our onboarding process and revenue-sharing model are transparent and straightforward. We’re in this together, so we cultivate a collaborative atmosphere reinforced by a flat organizational structure – a system set up expressly to help our relationship managers succeed.


Reason enough?

If our culture, services, and offer sound ideal to you, then this is your chance to seize an opportunity to unleash your talent and take your clients’ success – and your own! – the next level. Be sure to review our openings and reach out if you see a good fit.

At Marcuard Heritage, we offer a unique professional home for senior relationship managers seeking independence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a client-centric approach. We put our clients’ best interests first, embrace change, and provide the tools needed to succeed.

Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.