Investment solutions

Whether you wish to delegate your investment decisions or play a more active role, we offer a best-in-class investment strategy and bespoke advisory services to meet your individual needs.

Today’s markets are highly unpredictable, which means your capital is constantly at risk. Regardless of this instability, you seek to mitigate your risk exposure and earn a consistently positive return over time. At Marcuard Heritage, we provide both discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory solutions designed to do just that.

We specialize in a hands-on absolute return strategy based on a discretionary mandate. As an asset manager, we combine best-in-class products and proactive risk management to create solutions aimed at avoiding sharp drawdowns and maintaining consistent, long-term growth. That means we are free to quickly modify asset allocations when significant market shifts occur. And with our success tied directly to yours, it’s in our own self-interest to always act in your best interest.

If you wish to make your own investment decisions, we serve as your trusted advisor. Based on your objectives, we leverage our decades of asset management experience and broad range of expertise to carefully evaluate options, assess risk and offer guidance.


Do you have any questions about our investment solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more details.

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Wealth management

We leverage our independence and expertise to provide investment, wealth planning and private office solutions to clients with complex financial needs.

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Wealth planning

A lasting legacy takes sound planning. Our solutions are designed to structure your wealth, manage your assets, prepare for transition and ultimately provide peace of mind.

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Private office

Sometimes personal plans and projects create an unwanted burden. We can assist you with private office services upon request and based on your individual needs.

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