Wealth management – Our holistic approach

We leverage our independence and expertise to provide investment, wealth planning and private office solutions to clients with complex financial needs.

Our holistic approach

As an individual or family with a substantial net worth, your wealth is likely spread across many different asset structures. Perhaps it is still concentrated in a business, or it may be diversified across a broad range of financial assets. Often it is a complicated mix that is difficult to keep track of let alone manage.

That’s where we come in. We provide investment, wealth planning and private office solutions designed specifically to manage this complexity and simplify it for you. With expertise in our key client markets of Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, our team of specialists and partners have a deep understanding of your culture as well as the regulatory environments where your assets are held.

Our wealth planning solutions are designed to structure your wealth, manage your assets, and prepare for transition to the next generation. We cover the entire wealth planning spectrum – from companies, trusts and foundations to life insurance policies and private label funds.

For your liquid assets, our investment solutions offer you either discretionary portfolio management that follows a dynamic absolute return investment strategy or bespoke advisory services that allow you to play a more active role in the investment process.

We also support the individual needs of our clients with private office services upon request.

One advisor. One point of contact.

At Marcuard Heritage, wealth management centers around trust and loyalty, which is why we place high value in the open and honest relationship you have with your personal advisor. With an intimate understanding of your individual situation, family dynamics and long-term objectives, your advisor actively manages your investments and executes your individual wealth management plan backed by our team of specialists and network of partners. He or she is your one point of contact, dedicating their careers to serving your financial needs.

Our approach to wealth management allows you to regain control, preserve your wealth, and plan for the future. It creates a level of continuity that simplifies your life and provides peace of mind. And that means a wealth of value for you.


Do you have any questions about our holistic approach? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more details.

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