Our values

From the very beginning, we have been guided by a set of core principles that still shape our company today.

Independence. Integrity. Service.

Marcuard Heritage was built on the belief that through independence, integrity and personal service we could create a better approach to serving clients.

As wealth managers, we are not tied to any one bank and are therefore free to focus entirely on our clients’ best interests. We can cultivate close ties with them and assemble the local and international expertise needed to meet their financial needs.

At Marcuard Heritage, integrity is both a principle we live by and added value for our clients. Our relationships are open and honest and based on trust and mutual respect. We fully understand the individual needs and long-term objectives of our clients – and our clients are well aware of how we manage their wealth and how much they are paying for our services.

Our approach is personal. We live and work close to our clients. We know their culture and language. We are our clients’ one point of contact – their trusted advisor, making an entire career out of managing their wealth and preparing it for the next generation. This level of service simplifies our clients’ lives and provides continuity and peace of mind.

These core values have shaped our company for nearly two decades and will do so for many more to come.

Genuine relationships. Across generations.

We built our company on independence, integrity and the belief that genuine relationships have no expiry date.

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Wealth managers. Dedicated entrepreneurs.

Marcuard Heritage is a wealth management company with a team of over 60 experts.

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