Wealth managers. Dedicated entrepreneurs.

Marcuard Heritage is a wealth management company with a team of over 60 experts specialized in key markets and dedicated to providing investment and wealth planning solutions for clients with complex financial needs.

The founders

Our founders believed they could build a fair approach to serving clients. Their vision still shapes our core values today.


We’ve assembled a team of over 60 wealth and financial management specialists across four locations.

Our partners

Marcuard Heritage collaborates closely with a number of select partners in order to provide the comprehensive range of services our clients require.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors watches over the company, monitoring our progress and helping us see beyond the horizon.


A loyal team of wealth specialists stands at the helm of our success. Learn who they are and how to contact them.


Marcuard Heritage began with a vision to build a wealth management company fully focused on the client’s best interests.