Entrepreneurs from the very outset.

Marcuard Heritage began with a vision to build a wealth management company fully focused on the client’s best interest.

Marcuard Heritage AG was founded in 2003 by Sinan Bodmer, Adrian Guldener and Hans-Joerg Rudloff, three Swiss bankers with many years of experience in financial advising and building client relationships that span generations. They believed there was a better way to serve clients – one based on independence and integrity and focused entirely on their clients’ best interests.

The entrepreneurs broke away from the traditional bank model to start a wealth management company that allowed them to cultivate even closer ties with their clients and assemble the local and international expertise needed to meet their clients’ financial needs.

That entrepreneurial spirit has been a guiding light on our journey from then to now.


Marcuard Heritage AG is founded in Zurich.


Marcuard Heritage obtains regulatory license for offices in Cyprus and Singapore and acquires a stake in FF Marcuard, a wealth management company based in Lugano.


Marcuard Heritage establishes Alpinum Investment Management AG in Zurich, an asset manager licensed by FINMA to manage investment funds.


Marcuard Heritage acquires a stake in Atlantis Marcuard, a Geneva-based wealth management company.


Marcuard Heritage AG receives FINMA license as
portfolio manager.


Marcuard Heritage is a wealth management company with an 19-year track record.